Keyshapes: Database Lamps

What if all of the information needed to create an object was embedded into the object itself?

Producing even relatively simple objects often requires combining existing components that vary in terms of local sources, standards, and availability. This collection of lighting-objects is based on 3D printed components which adapt to the dimensions of standard construction materials: measurements which are readily available from the databases maintained by the material suppliers.

Similar printed parts are used to build balanced-arm lamps based on locally available materials: An “EU” version uses 6 millimeter round brass profiles in 50 centimeter lengths, while a “US” version uses one-foot-long, quarter-inch square profiles. Light-Bulb-cages respond to the size and shape of the bulb they surround, as well as the fittings and metal profiles they incorporate. A software interface connects a database of components to the generated 3D parts.

Made in collaboration with Kirschner 3D for Keyshapes.

Keyshapes: Database Lamps Keyshapes: Database Lamps Keyshapes: Database Lamps Keyshapes: Database Lamps